8 Things Exceptional Bosses Constantly Tell Their Employees

Looking for some good recommendations on how you can motivate your employees? Take a look at this list developed by Elle Kaplan of Inc.com.

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1. “I have total confidence in you.”

Knowing that your boss has your back is an incredibly motivating feeling.  Yes, you may fail but in the end you know you have their support and that you can learn about how to improve for the future.

2. “This is what I want us to accomplish…”

What we l Iove about this is not just the phrase but the word “us” in this sentence.  Power words like “us” and “we” make employees feel like they are part of something bigger, that they are working together for the greater good.

3. “What can we do better next time?”

Again, there’s that word, “we”.  Accountability for mistakes and improvements isn’t just held with one person but it is a collective journey to making your company great.

4. “How can I better support you?”

It may seem cliche to say you have an “open door policy” but there’s a reason successful bosses say this to their staff.  It isn’t just words but a philosophy – I’m here to help you, what can I do?

5. “Good work.”

Many bosses don’t realize the impact that recognition can have on morale and motivation.  It can be a simple thank you, email or card but it goes a long way to breeding an engaged workforce.

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