Ontario to allow ‘expanded’ social circles of 10 people

Premier Doug Ford and the Ontario government have announced that social circles of up to 10 people will now be permitted.

So what does that really mean and how does that affect the current rules regarding physical distancing?

Public Health officials now say that it is permissable for families to determine a smaller subset of family and friends, up to 10 people, that can be maintained without the need for physical distancing. They are clear that

Public Health officials are encouraging Ontarians to establish a circle of people that no one should be a part of more than one circle and physical distancing should be maintained with anyone outside of the circle.

Ford said if a household has fewer than 10 people they can add to their circle, but a person can only be part of one group.

Learn how to build your social circle

Read the full document on how to build your social circle from the Ontario Government