Business / Strategic Planning

Creating disciplined business plans is a challenge for any organization – large or small.  Our consulting services range from review of business planning activities to full day strategic planning sessions.  Key components of this planning include:

  • Year end review:  plan for the future by understanding the past
  • SWOT Analysis:  everyone knows what this is but rarely reflect back on it
  • Opportunities / Market Research:  some homework for you (or us)
  • Strategy Creation:  with defined tactics, timelines and deliverables
  • Scorecarding:  a strategy without a scorecard is already a failing model

Human Resources

Many small to medium companies have a lack of human resource leadership and support.  We bring over 15 years of senior executive support and expertise.  Our HR services include:

Recruiting:  assistance with job descriptions, salary banding, job posting, interviews, reference checks and offer letters.

HR Support:  one-on-one coaching with managers and staff on the many people issues that take time out of being productive in the workplace.

Change Management:  change management program development for managers and executives

Operational Improvement

Improving the efficiency of your organization and productivity of your staff is our expertise.  Let us meet with you and your staff to discuss challenges in workflow.  Our techniques have been proven to improve throughput, quality and satisfaction.  We can provide process improvement sessions, LEAN, Six Sigma and other programs right to your office.


Make your business more efficient

You know there are missed opportunities within your business but often the day-to-day management makes it difficult to look ahead or within. How much of your business are you leaving on the table and can you afford to ignore that nagging feeling that you can be doing better?  Why not contact us for a free consultation?

Collaboration Consultants

We’ve redefined what a consultant should be – not just a hired gun to shake things up and then run away as you pick up the pieces.  We will work closely with you and your team on real, actionable strategies and we’ll help see it through to implementation.


Interested in our services?

If you want some assistance in operations, strategy, HR, systems or just a consultation on your business practices, contact us for a FREE consultation.

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