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With 15+ years in the IME industry, our services are uniquely tailored to assist you with your business and programs. We are NOT an assessment company but a team of professionals that can help you grow and improve your quality of services and bottom line.

Assessor Management / Recruitment

Did you know that >90% of errors occur due to gaps in assessor management and appropriate assignment? If you had the “perfect” roster and unlimited availability of your assessors you would improve your standing with your referral sources, reduce operational expenses, increase your engagement with your preferred assessors and raise your profitability. Let us help you assess your department and make recommendations for change. If needed, we can supply an assessor manager for 3-6 months to clean up and get your department up and running.

CARF Accreditation

  • CARF policy development: quickly add / update your policies to stay compliant or achieve CARF accreditation
  • CARF pre-audits / review: recommended yearly to stay on top of your requirements. Includes review of your surveys and client data.

Internal Auditing, KPIs and Scorecarding

At a minimum, IME organizations must be reviewing and auditing the performance of their organization to understand gaps / errors before they reach the customer. Our team can work with you on a process and system for internal audits and even assist you with your scorecarding as needed.  We can also help analyze the data collected in a way that is understandable and useful for your whole team.

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